20+years Music producer, Artist & Ghost writer


Forces of Light Music Group is led by Spanish/Cuban-American entrepreneur, yogi and producer Julio C. Andujar. First exposed to the music industry through Hip-Hop, Julio originally produced politically motivated gangster rap with artists Mellowman Ace, Sen Dogg of Cypress Hill and Latin Thug Records in Hollywood, California performing as producer and back-up rapper with the group. Performing as the The Cuban, he was active in the first wave of American and UK Electronic Music putting out early American Drum and Bass and Dance Music albums throughout Southern California performing at venues such as MasterDome, The Fox Theatre, the Orion Theatre, ArtEgo, Regime, The Whisky, The Roxy, Keyclub and many others. After a profound spiritual awakening in 1999 his art expanded to include more peaceful and transcendent music for use in the teachings of modern postural Yoga, healing settings, chill-out areas and transformational festivals.

With a desire to serve, Julio has founded youth music education programs for at risk teenagers in San Diego and New York City.  As a custom music maker and sound designer Forces of Light has produced commercially for Viacom, Vivendi,  Clear Channel, MTV,  PBS, The History Channel, A&E and countless individuals, music libraries, product lines and entertainment organizations.

The Dj Lakshmi imprint focuses on ethereal , ambient  spiritual background music for the healing arts and environments. The library of music dubbed Call Upon Power is an amalgamation of commercial Rock/Blues music done for various television spots, Action Sports media and a private project intended for some of Classic Rock's luminaries. Macario Galan is the amalgamation of years of production in the Hip Hop, Rap and R&B industries. Kingdom of Mu focuses on more orchestral, world and film music for use in broadcast media.

 Being a promoter of his art and the talents of others: posters, media and visual product design found their way into his quiver. After establishing himself as a trendsetter in the underground art scene he became sought after as a consultant by public relations firms, marketing and big business to use his vision to help bring creative concepts to market. Julio is a student of Yoga Philosophy and Sanatana Dharma and shares his practice throughout the globe with a focus on bringing  Yogic Psychology to the forefront and bringing Yoga to Spanish speaking communities YogawithJulio.com